About Me & Resume

As a designer, it is my job is to give brands life through design. From my experience, I am confident I can bring great design and passion to any project. I trust my gut, speak up, and get my point across.

My goals are eventually to be a Creative Director in a creative industry where I get to collaborate with others. Also, I want to be able to present smart ideas to clients and convince them to take a chance, trust me and the team I work on.

I have two children, Ever and Olive, who have changed my life in profound ways. They bring me the most unexpected joy when it’s needed most.  If you view my Instagram, you will see that 99% of my images are of them, the other 1% is cupcakes.  My husband, Donovan and I met when I was just 18 and he 17. I knew the moment I met him that he would be in my life forever, I was right.

I hope you like what you see and thank you so much for coming to my site to view my work.

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